Saturday, May 25, 2013

Our Wonderful Hungarian Hosts!

We were truly blessed to stay with my mom's cousin Shandor (Sani... pronounced Shanny) and his better half Rita. It was the perfect place to stay! They have a lovely house and yard, that was perfect for the kids! 
Sani is an AMAZING cook and Rita was an AMAZING hostess, so together they made our stay VERY comfortable. Our hearts and stomachs were very satisfied by the end of the trip! 
 Enjoying a gerat breakfast on a beautiful morning in Budapest! 
 Every morning, Sani would drive to this bakery to get fresh rolls and yogurt for us (the best yogurt I think I have ever tried). I went with him one day to experience it with him. If I live here... I think I would get myself into a lot of trouble. This bakery had the best looking pastries and bread!

 My Mom's cousin Ava lives in the flat where my Grandfather's brother lived in, on the Pest side of the Danube. This is where my mom, aunt and Tommy stayed! This is Julius, Ava's better half. He was quite the character! I loved seeing all the old antique furniture, art and decor in Ava's flat. It reminded me of my Grandma and Grandpa and their house! Ava made us some fabulous dumplings, sandwiches and treats!

 This is Ava... My mom's cousin. 

 Ben and Ava infront of a church on the Buda side. 
 Bella had SO MUCH FUN with Rita planting her garden. Rita informed me that Bella was an expert gardener and showed Rita how to dig the holes, how deep and how much water to put in the holes... I think she must have Mimi's green thumb... because it certainly doesn't come from me!!! LOL!

 Bell and Ethan had a great time playing in this wonderful sandbox Rita had built for her granddaughters! What an awesome place for us to stay! 
 And here is Sani cooking up his masterpiece breakfast. Scrambled eggs with 4 different kinds of hungarian meats! It was definitely a breakfast of champions and oh so good 
(but not so figure friendly :)!

 Here is Sani's meat stash... I could honestly eat hungarian sausage all day every day! 

 We are SO THANKFUL to Rita and Sani for hosting us at their home. We had such a wonderful time getting to know them better. We had some great laughs, awesome food and drink (and yogurt), and a few late night chats! Sani did a wonderful job helping us plan out our days, hitting up the best places in Budapest! It was definitely a trip to remember for all of us! Hopefully we'll be able to get back there again sometime! 

 Thanks again Rita and Sani... We love you! 

Trip to Budapest: Day 4: Castle Hill

My mom's cousin Ava lives just down from Castle hill. We walked up there to see all the attractions. It was a perfect day. What a beautiful spot in Budapest. 
Castle Hill is filled with tourist shoppes, filled with all kinds of Hungarian treasures, cute restaurants and bistros, and beautiful buildings! 

We cleaned this Hungarian man out of his paprika stash! He was so sweet!
The views from Castle hill were amazing! 
Have I mentioned that Budapest has the BEST strudel in the world! 

Bella dancing to the Hungarian folk music!